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Stream Your Radio Station
With over 20 years in broadcasting, we understand the radio industry because we are broadcasters, and have experienced this industry's evolution through the decades. We now see the technology in front of our industry today - the digital opportunity to go beyond the antenna - to stream your broadcast on the Internet. This sounds so simple, however when our efforts to stream were confronted with exorbitant costs and miscommunication, we realized that there has to be a better way. A way to remove these stumbling blocks, and accelerate the process of bringing all radio stations to the net.

Neuron Broadcasting Technologies consists of a team of broadcasters and computer programmers, network administrators, system administrators and designers, making the convergence of Internet and radio happen through the collective knowledge of both industries. Our talented and experienced group is always learning from each other; our computer people are growing to understand that the currency of radio stations is air time, while we, the broadcasters, are realizing that Internet technology continues to get easier, cheaper and better. Therefore, we have created an innovative solution for all radio stations in America: you utilize your inventory in exchange for streaming your broadcast on the Internet via Neuron Broadcasting Technologies. 

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Windows Media Service Provider

Neuron Broadcasting Technologies is an Authorized Windows Media Service Provider and has recently been recognized by Microsoft  as demonstrating "expertise providing digital media solutions with Windows Media."